About Koen.

Koen Huitink is a Dutch artist, born in Hengelo and raised in Rotterdam, where he currently lives and works. He started professionally showing at various art galleries in the Netherlands since 2012.

From bits to atoms.

Ever since he was a young child, Koen has been engaged with graffiti, photography and serigraphy. Until he devoted himself fully to his free work, he worked as a freelance graphic designer. The influence of these different media and their associated techniques on his current work is clear.

Koen’s work shifts between beauty and decay, change and progress. The works are created by combining different layers of textures and materials. Whereas he frequently used graphic techniques such as serigraphy and stencils in his earlier work, he has now moved towards a more expressive visual language.

Made you curious? Would you like to see a painting; the real thing, and /or get more information? You can visit one of the galleries below or mail me at; info@koenhuitink.nl